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About Me (aka D3)

Greetings !

I’m D3 ! Born Douglas Boyce III, I’m a 41 year old Scouter from Western Wisconsin and I currently have 3 boys in Scouting. My 2 oldest, Josiah & Marcus are both Boy Scouts and Jayden is a Wolf.

I love Scouting and seeing these young boys grow up to becoming men of honor over the 10 + years most boys will spend in Scouting from Tiger Cub to Eagle Scout.


Like many young boys drawn to adventure, I started out in 1980 as a Wolf Scout in Mason City, IA. I learned to love the outdoors and all that Scouting had to offer. I earned my Arrow of Light and crossed over into Boy Scouts. My excitement for Scouting was only more encouraged by my #1 all time favorite TV show, MacGyver. That’s right, I loved taking paperclips, duct tape, and anything else to solve all the world’s problems.

I immediately bought my first Swiss Army Knife and carried it with me everywhere. What MacGyver fan doesn’t have one (or 2) ? I learned to love the outdoors, respect nature, leave no trace, tie knots, administer first aid, and work with my Patrol. We were the Timberwolves. Our Patrol once went shopping to the “huge” Burnsville Mall in MN (years before the Mall of America existed) and saw tons of Timberwolves memorabilia. Who knew Scouting was so popular in MN that nearly every store had our Patrol emblem on it. Shirts, T-Shirts, Shorts, everything had our logo on it. Only later did I realize there was some professional basketball team named after us. Oh well….

During my time as Scout, our family moved many times. I’d start in one patrol and then move after a while. In the end, I only made it to Life Scout. The final set of moves to Marshall, MN, I was over 17 year old and couldn’t get an Eagle Project completed or 6 months of service in time before my 18th birthday. Bummer.. It’s one of the only regrets in life I have. All that time, effort and learning and I didn’t make Eagle.

It’s that very reason why I am so involved in our Pack, our Troop and our District to help make sure other boys do not slip through the Advancement cracks like I did.


I have an amazing wife that supports our love of Scouting and all the activities we do. It allows me time “with the boys” and her time to relax when we are off learning new and exciting things. We homeschool our 3 boys and Scouting is a key part of our curriculum outside of the regular reading, writing, arithmetic, and all the other material my amazing wife does. She truly is the love of my life and I can’t imagine life without her or what life would be like with anyone else. Thanks Babe !


When I am not Scouter by night, I am a Chief Software Architect by day at a wonder, family owned (not my family) Printing / Marketing company. We do very innovative in store merchandizing for companies like Apple, Target, and many of the major brands that you know and love. That’s us making you aware of these fantastic brands. I write the software and manage the data that controls just about everything we do.

I write on this blog to share my many thoughts. These aren’t the thoughts of my employer, my friends, my family, my scouting groups. These are my thoughts and only I am responsible for. I will talk about my life, my family, my faith, my friends, and pretty much I care passionately about. 

Thanks for learning more about me.