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Our Actions have Consequences

By on Nov 12, 2013 in Scouting | 0 comments

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Shock, Awe, and Disbelief was all I could think of the moment I heard the news. At first I thought his Facebook site was hacked and then also his company’s website. However as the news came in from more and more reliable sources, it all confirmed the same thing, my friend had an inappropriate relationship.

This is one of those life lessons hope you never have to learn. Here was a friend, a very outspoken friend about the priority of marriage, about the priority husband-wife relationship, and about raising up Godly seed, and he had fallen.

I’m saddened for his bride, I’m saddened for his children, but I am also very concerned about the lives of those around him that he has forever changed. You see this friend of mine owned a small, family owned business and employed about 100 families. The moment this news hit the light of day, he immediately resigned as CEO. Then, in quick diligence, the Board of Trustees shutdown the business, effective immediately!

Many times we hear people saying what we do as individuals in the privates areas of our lives doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. I’ve found, if you have to justify an action or behavior in such a manner, you probably shouldn’t have done it because at some point, it will affect others.

So because of one man’s actions, nearly 100 families will forever be changed. These families worked hard, sacrificed, and gave 100% to this company and now lost their job because of the infidelity of their leader. Questions like, “Did the company have to shut down ? Why wasn’t their a Leadership Succession Plan put in place years ago ?” are just a few of things swirling around in my head.

The irony of this conversation was that just hours before I was talking with a Pastor friend of mine. We were discussing the integrity and steadfastness of the Rev. Dr. Billy Graham. Last week was his 95th Birthday and he played what is being said is his final message. Check out the Message at My Hope for America.

Let us not forget, this man is just a man. A sinner, saved by grace, through faith and washed clean in the redemptive power of a risen Messiah. His sin is no bigger than the sins in our lives. This sin however, has more sting behind it due the sheer number of lives affected. I’m afraid many people will now dismiss everything this man stood for and taught because of this mistake.

To his bride, to his family, to his other friends, and to the lives of his employees, we’ll be praying for you. Praying for Repentance, Praying for Healing.

– D3

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