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All you had to do was Ask

By on Nov 4, 2013 in Scouting | 0 comments

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This past weekend I was reminded about the power of asking for help.

This past weekend our Troop was up at Camp Phillips for Webelos Woods. It’s a time of Boy Scouts teaching the younger Webelos Cub Scouts essential skills like first aid, camping, knots, and other cool skills. It was great to see these Boy Scouts do an amazing job teaching and mentoring with their younger scout friends.

As the day was coming to a close and daylight was turning to darkness, a few fathers were talking to scouts to see how the day went. One conversation led to another and we were soon discussing with these Boy Scouts about finishing up some of their skills requirements. As a Merit Badge Counselor, I am blessed to see these boys go from mere acquaintance with a skill to learning a great deal and seeing the enjoyment they have accomplishing these tasks.

As happens with every scout, we start a Merit Badge at a clinic, day camp, or on our own and get 80 % of the way complete and months can go by with little or no progress. The fathers were talking to one scout in particular that has all of the work done for the merit badge (yeah !).  However, he needs a counselor to sign off on all of the work. Since adult interaction is a key component with Merit Badges and Scouting in general, we tell the boys to call their counselor up to schedule a time to sign off on their requirements. NOTE, we have the boys call or talk with the adults and not the other way around. No emails, No texts messages, just face to face or a phone call to talk to the adult.

Now, every counselor I know will bend over backwards to help a Scout ‘if he asks’. As we were talking to this Scout, we must have said a dozen time, just ask Mr. Boyce (since I’m his counselor) if he will help you finish signing things off. Now, I’m right here in the conversation.


We even told him I would say yes in case of any fear of rejection.

Just ask… Just ask… Just ask… Just ask… Just ask… Just ask… 

Maybe later… Maybe another day… maybe next week….

All he had to do was ask, and it would be done. This led me to thinking about my own life and my friends. Many times people have offered to help, if all I did was ask. But too many times I’ve been, ‘I don’t want to impose’, ‘I don’t want to take them away from their family time’, I don’t want to [ fill in the excuse ] .

I thought to myself last night, how many times have I been like that scout where the only thing stopping me from completing a task was my stubbornness to ask for help.

So, for those of you who have offered to help in the past, watch out, I might be calling you soon.

What are you thoughts ? When was a time  you simply didn’t ask for help.. Share below in the comments.

Happy Monday !

– D3

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