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The Other Side of the Table

By on Jun 6, 2013 in Scouting | 0 comments

The other night I was sitting at a table where I haven’t sat in ¬†over 23 years. It was January of 1990 the last time I sat at this table. It didn’t seem that long ago where every couple months, after a great deal of work, frustration, encouragement, and eventual reward would I come to this table. It would become a ritual, a defining event that marked a rite of passage with each time we gathered at this table. This table is the Boy Scouts Board Of Review. Every Scout, in order to advance to the next rank, MUST attend a Board of Review (BOR). At that table, there are 3 – 6 Adult Leaders from the Troop reviewing the Scout’s progress. I remember mine vividly. I remember being scared, nervous, thinking “Did I actually do everything the Scoutmaster said I did ? Will I remember the First Aid, New Skills, or Knots I just learned. ” I remember the difficult...