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National Browser Cache Cleaning Day

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Our Actions have Consequences

By on Nov 12, 2013 in Scouting | 0 comments

Shock, Awe, and Disbelief was all I could think of the moment I heard the news. At first I thought his Facebook site was hacked and then also his company’s website. However as the news came in from more and more reliable sources, it all confirmed the same thing, my friend had an inappropriate relationship. This is one of those life lessons hope you never have to learn. Here was a friend, a very outspoken friend about the priority of marriage, about the priority husband-wife relationship, and about raising up Godly seed, and he had fallen. I’m saddened for his bride, I’m saddened for his children, but I am also very concerned about the lives of those around him that he has forever changed. You see this friend of mine owned a small, family owned business and employed about 100 families. The moment this news hit the light of day, he immediately resigned as CEO. Then, in...

All you had to do was Ask

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This past weekend I was reminded about the power of asking for help. This past weekend our Troop was up at Camp Phillips for Webelos Woods. It’s a time of Boy Scouts teaching the younger Webelos Cub Scouts essential skills like first aid, camping, knots, and other cool skills. It was great to see these Boy Scouts do an amazing job teaching and mentoring with their younger scout friends. As the day was coming to a close and daylight was turning to darkness, a few fathers were talking to scouts to see how the day went. One conversation led to another and we were soon discussing with these Boy Scouts about finishing up some of their skills requirements. As a Merit Badge Counselor, I am blessed to see these boys go from mere acquaintance with a skill to learning a great deal and seeing the enjoyment they have accomplishing these tasks. As happens with every scout, we start a Merit...

1 Is Enough

By on Oct 29, 2013 in Fitness | 1 comment

1 Week It’s just 7 Days or 168 Hours, depending on how you want to look at it. Not much is it ?   However, it takes 7 days to begin to change your behavior on a topic. It takes 21 to nearly change it permanently. Your behavior about Food, about Fitness, about Faith, about Friends, or whatever you like.  All too often we hit January 1st ready to make changes in every area of our lives and often fail not to long there after.   Benjamin Franklin (you know, the one who invented electricity ???) had a very interesting twist on learning new skills and improving existing behaviors. Each year, he would take 13 behaviors and focus on 1, go ahead and get you hand out to count to 1 if you need too, and focus on that single skill / trait / behavior for the week. Nothing else during his free time. 1 Trait. The following week he would focus on the Trait # 2 and so on. At the end of a year, he...

The Other Side of the Table

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The other night I was sitting at a table where I haven’t sat in  over 23 years. It was January of 1990 the last time I sat at this table. It didn’t seem that long ago where every couple months, after a great deal of work, frustration, encouragement, and eventual reward would I come to this table. It would become a ritual, a defining event that marked a rite of passage with each time we gathered at this table. This table is the Boy Scouts Board Of Review. Every Scout, in order to advance to the next rank, MUST attend a Board of Review (BOR). At that table, there are 3 – 6 Adult Leaders from the Troop reviewing the Scout’s progress. I remember mine vividly. I remember being scared, nervous, thinking “Did I actually do everything the Scoutmaster said I did ? Will I remember the First Aid, New Skills, or Knots I just learned. ” I remember the difficult...